Technical Papers

Progress in High-Energy-Class Diode Laser Pump Sources - Photonics West 2015

High-energy-class solid-state lasers require higher power pumps for reduced cost and more efficient operation. We show how 940...980nm diode laser bars can deliver >1J/bar (1ms, 10Hz), triple that of conventional QCW bars, by using long (4...6mm) resonators and passivated facets. Results are presented for passively-cooled single bar assemblies and monolithic stacked arrays. We confirm that 1J/bar is sustained for stacked arrays with 1.7mm bar pitch, with narrow lateral far field and spectral width, showing a promising near-term path to use in real systems. Finally, we summarize status of bar optimization for higher efficiency, including studies into sub-zero operation temperatures (-65°C). 

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