Technical Papers

New Advancements in 793 nm Fiber-Coupled Modules for Th Fiber Laser Pumping, including Packages Optimized for Low SWaP Applications - SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing

Targeted at the 793nm absorption band, DILAS Diode Laser, Inc. offers a range of products specifically designed for Thulium fiber laser pumping, spanning from 12 W to <300W of pump power and coupled into fiber sizes starting at 105um and upwards. A variety of different diode architectures are utilized, ranging from single-emitters, conduction-cooled bars, and DILAS's T-bar structure extended to the 793nm range, resulting in a wide variety of power levels and packaging options to support different applications. As IRCM for airborne platforms is a major application for Tm fiber lasers, packages optimized for low SWaP will be presented, which utilize a combination of the T-bar structure and macrochannel coolers specifically designed for compact, lightweight applications. Examples and results of Tm fiber lasers pumped using DILAS diodes will also be presented and discussed.

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